News Feeder

This program will send news to what ever can use MySQL.


Extension Changer

Extension Changer is an easy solution to for changing multiple file extensions at once, without having to change the whole name.


Hit Counter

With Hit Counter, tracking link visits couldn't be easier. Just signup, input your link and just start sending out your new tracker link and soon you will see just how many times visits you get.


Send It Now!

This program sends emails.


Sample Saint

This is a one shot sampler.

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Hey Everyone,
Just wanting to see if I can get some request on what to maybe make next? Maybe even a feature on an already existing program or service

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Tiny Builds added 2 new photos from March 16, 2016.

Hello Everyone,
Due to recent changes with Randoma Programming shutting down, I've been updating my software with an updated version of Gimme Logger which has improved performance and added a feature to users can manually submit tickets.

The programs recently updated to use this version of Gimme Logger are Minecraft Map Overviewer Setup (version and Theme My PS3 (version

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